Our Artisans

All of our bags are made by local artisans, who source sustainable materials from their own backyards. Recently we were honored by an invitation to visit with some of our local partners in their homes. We spent a misty afternoon in Bagli, in North Bali with the Vivi Family. Pak Vivi, the entrepreneurial father of the family, was taught by his mother Wayan Rerod (pictured below) to enter the forest behind their homestead and choose the perfect pieces of bamboo free of imperfections and termites. The family is famous for their bamboo selection, and pride themselves on never using pesticides or other chemicals. 

Our beloved artisans worked together, each seamlessly transitioning from one step of the creative process into another.  Noisy roosters circled the premises, while nieces and nephews of Vivi and Seniasih stopped by to curiously check on progress as well as the contents of the snack bowl. The most notable feature of the environment was the sense of calm and community, as they focused on their craft. 

We met with Bondiet in his home, as he sat in a chair his father built, with his brother working comfortably on the floor beside him.  He told us about the meticulous process of each round bag, delicately commencing work on a new creation as he spoke. He and his father collect reeds from a nearby forest, and hand strip each one to make smaller fibers to start the weaving process. Each beautiful bag takes an entire day to construct, and the process has been passed down through many generations. It is in the spirit of this family craftsmanship that we invite you to learn how these bags came to be, and we hope you cherish wearing them as much as our artisans cherish making them. 




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