Giving Back

We chose the name Kembali because as well as "to return" it can also mean to "give back", and we are committed to giving back within the community.  We ensure that all of our products will be made ethically and encourage sustainable practices through relationships with each of our artisans. 

We are also committed to donating a part of our proceeds to a wonderful organization, Bali Wise. Bali Wise empowers marginalized women through skills education, as a means to develop sustainable communities in Indonesia. 

We are an official sponsor of this lovely woman, Eunike.  We hope to add more girls to this list as we grow!

  Eunike is the last child from three siblings. Her father passed away in 2015. After her father passed away, only her mother works for her family. Her mother works as a farmer with an income of IDR 300,000 (22 USD) every month. Eunike wants to continue her studies but her mother cannot pay for it. So she decided to join Bali WISE to get more skills that she can use to get good job.



You can check out the link below to sponsor a student as well!